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Photographic Expedition: The Cloud Wolves of the Alaska Coast

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Learning Journeys introduces you to a once in a lifetime ethical wildlife photographic interac-tion with the wild wolves of the Kaska Coast in Southern Hudson Bay Canada on our newest program where you will discover the science of tracking, watching, photographing and studying these enigmatic creatures in their natural environment, the uninhibited wilderness.

Far from civilization and never hunted, the resident packs of cloud wolves (Canis lupus nu-bilus) have no fear of humans, creating encounters and unrivaled opportunities for photog-raphy. The program is led by Jad Davenport, an award winning photographer who specializes in the art of capturing images that elicit the emotions which make an experience profound.

He provided the first digital cover and inside story for National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

Our base is the beautiful Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge in the heart of the Kaska Coast of southern Hudson Bay. As with all Learning Journeys programs, this expedition take place only with the utmost ethical wildlife viewing. This means, we do not disrupt the animal’s normal behavior.

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What You Will Learn/Do

Daily excursions in search of wolves and wolf activity, polar bears, moose and other boreal wildlife.

Indulging your taste buds with our tundra-inspired cuisine, complemented by select Canadi-an wines.

Sky gazing! Our location beneath the auroral oval offers nearly 300 nights of aurora viewing each year. If conditions permit, you will be able to enjoy the greatest light show on earth from within the lodge or out in our secure compound. There is a high chance of seeing the lights on this safari.

Educational evening presentations by our naturalist guides about our Arctic ecosystems, landscape and lifestyle.

Citizen science and field research: We’ll have opportunities to collect trail-cam images, cast animal tracks, study social relationships, map territories, conduct and record howl surveys, and gather traditional knowledge from First Nation oral histories.

Joining acclaimed photographer Jad Davenport on assignment for National Geographic Crea-tive. Gather tips and inspiration from Jad as he helps you document your experience and de-velop your own unique storytelling style. Informal evening sessions will give you pointers on topics such “blue-hour” photography and capturing the Northern Lights.

Why This Program Is Unique

Work hands on with Jad Davenport.

Jad’s career in photojournalism began as a documentary photographer who started developing his talent for image storytelling while covering more than a dozen wars. His knack for capturing the essence of an experience have defined his career, and Jad is a full time travel photographer with an open assignment with National Geographic Creative.

Jad’s abilities have garnered no less than four Lowell Thomas awards, which is one of the most respected awards in the field.

His work has frequently appeared in many of the world’s elite publications including Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Men’s Journal, Audubon, Sierra, Coastal Living, and many more while also appearing in esteemed galleries, including the Smithsonian.

His work has taken him to some 160 countries in some of the wildest places on earth, from pho-tographing the mountain gorillas in the Congo war zone to the black pearl farms in Tahiti – and, of course, the polar bears of Churchill Wild.

Jad specializes in the art of capturing images that take you back to the time and place and elicit the emotions which make an experience profound. He provided the first digital cover and inside story for National Geographic Adventure Magazine. He is also adept at using any of the variety of digital tools now available for the modern traveler who is not always able to travel with the latest and greatest photographic lenses and equipment.

With Jad’s direction, you will be able to capture your journey into the Arctic like never before, whether using an iPhone, point-and-shoot, DSLR or mirrorless camera. Jad’s focus on the sub-ject and composition make the art of photojournalism accessible to all, regardless of your pre-sent level of photographic sophistication.

How This Program Benefits The Local Community

Our program visits remote regions of the Arctic while practicing the highest standards of cut-ting-edge sustainability practices through the eyes of the local community. We seek to raise awareness of the far North’s unique challenges through opportunities to ethically experience the fragile flora and fauna of our Arctic home.

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Services Included

- Roundtrip airfare between Winnipeg and Thompson/Churchill, Manitoba - Roundtrip airfare between Thompson/Churchill and Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge - Two nights’ accommodations in Winnipeg - 7 nights’ lodge accommodations - All meals, excursions, and guide services while at the Lodge Taxes

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