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Why Learning Journeys

Why Learning Journeys

Welcome to a new kind of experience…a true learning journey.

As a traveling classroom for all ages, Learning Journeys cultivates a learning environment that focuses on a collaboration of interests with educators, experts, and artisans within destinations the world over. We believe that no matter where we go or how old we are, life-long learning is fundamental to personal growth.

While absorbing interests that move you and learning skills that engage you, you will also be immersed in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the culture visited. Pursue a hobby, develop a skill, learn a trade, study a community...Learning Journeys offers a range of programs across scaled levels of learning in destinations globally that will transform you, mind, body, and soul.

With Learning Journeys, you’ll discover more about yourself as you become engaged in your chosen special interest and travel deeper into the destination visited. As you spend time side-by side with local educators, experts, and artisans, you will become absorbed in the learning program you are pursuing – whether it’s art, cooking, photography, wine and spirits, language, architecture, music, dance, wellbeing, spiritual renewal, and more – while also becoming fully connected to the community. Different programs provide a myriad of opportunities: learn the art of beekeeping in Poland…spend a week as a distiller in Scotland…become fluent in Italian in the heart of Florence…spend a week as a monk…discover the secrets of scent and perfume making in Malta or Turkey…dance like a Bollywood star in India…among so many others. At the completion of every program, participants will receive a Certification of Learning that officially documents the skills learned, opening the door for submission to employers, as part of a resume, and even a school application.

Learning Journeys programs are ideal for couples, solo travelers, groups of friends, colleagues, students, and families who are seeking to combine continuing education with authentic immersions in local cultures, cuisine, people, and sights. Private journeys, semi-private, and small group experiences provide enticing and engaging ways for participants to learn about new cultures, enjoy new experiences, and spend valuable quality time together.

And, oh, the places you will go! Destinations for each program are carefully selected to immerse participants in their chosen area of interest or study and provide limitless opportunities to explore culture, cuisine, and history. The communities Learning Journeys touches are global. You will find enriching programs throughout North America, Latin and South America, Europe, India, Asia, and Australia. From beginner to professional certification, you’ll find your desired learning level among the three programs – Explore an Interest, Pursue a Passion, or Change My Life – in destinations the world over.

Learning Journeys is founded on four pillars of personal growth: education, transformation, exploration, and self-reflection. Our travel programs to all four corners of the globe promise that you will return from your journey refreshed, more knowledgeable, culturally aware, and fulfilled by what you’ve learned about the places visited, the people you’ve met, and yourself.

Each Learning Journeys program is designed to contribute to the communities visited through sustainable and regenerative travel practices. At the core of Learning Journeys’ mission, community service practices support the local communities by helping to improve lives and the planet.

Learning Journeys seeks to employ local educators and artisans who fuel the development of social economies. From supporting social enterprises globally – such as Lavender Village in Turkey and Purkal Stree Shakti In India – to conservation programs and historical preservation projects, our mission is to create opportunities through education, training, and empowerment in underserved communities throughout the world as well as preserve local culture, customs, and traditions.


The quest for knowledge as we open our hearts and minds to new experiences can transform us. As we see the world through the eyes of others, the communities we visit and touch are also transformed. This cycle of positive change is at the heart of every Learning Journeys experience.


Learning Journeys is designed to nurture that ember of curiosity inside you into a flame of life-long discovery. Continued learning ensures continued growth, whether pursuing any number of interests that intrigue you or a passion you have honed over the years. 


Truly, the world is your classroom. Exploring the rich and varied cultures of the destinations you visit multiplies the value of your educational pursuits, and the exploration of yourself. The journey itself – to a new place and new you – is what truly matters.


Through reflection, we bring learning to life. Pausing from the chaos of our daily lives allows us to sort through experiences to create meaning, from which we learn more deeply about ourselves. Understanding what truly moves us leads to rich and profound actions that shape our lives.


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