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The quest for knowledge as we open our hearts and minds to new experiences can transform us. As we see the world through the eyes of others, the communities we visit and touch are also transformed. This cycle of positive change is at the heart of every Learning Journeys experience.


Learning Journeys is designed to nurture that ember of curiosity inside you into a flame of life-long discovery. Continued learning ensures continued growth, whether pursuing any number of interests that intrigue you or a passion you have honed over the years.


Truly, the world is your classroom. Exploring the rich and varied cultures of the destinations you visit multiplies the value of your educational pursuits, and the exploration of yourself. The journey itself – to a new place and new you – is what truly matters.


Through reflection, we bring learning to life. Pausing from the chaos of our daily lives allows us to sort through experiences to create meaning, from which we learn more deeply about ourselves. Understanding what truly moves us leads to rich and profound actions that shape our lives.


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The Learning Journeys experience is as varied as your imagination is vivid. The experiences captured here can inspire your personal journey.

July 23, 2021

Don’t Unleash the Queen Bee! Learning “Fantasy Camps” Let You Pursue a Passion or a Potential New Profession

I was speaking with a friend earlier this year and during our discussion she revealed that she had had enough of corporate life. “I just can’t see going back to the hectic way things were before covid...

June 24, 2021

Regeneration - Keep your eyes open, the answers are hidden.

I’VE GOT THIS!  It’s a lifelong credo, but few of us have an idea of what “this” is, or how to find it. Chitter chatter and monkey brain occupies the space where peace lies. 

In anticipation of embar...